Alone in this dark night,
Even the stars are afraid to give me light.
The moon too afraid to shine on me,
She takes shelter aside the cloud.
Oh, it’s such shame
Everyday seems to be the same.

“No one to talk to”
No one to notice my pain,
No one to see my tears
Loneliness was always one of my fears
Now that he’s here,
I can’t find room to escape.

Caged with this cruel friend,
In an unfriendly universe.
Days feel like years
As I look for anyone to take me in
To take me in as a friend
But it seems… everyone I tend to offends.

It hurts to say,
That I have only one friend
His silence is so loud,
So loud I’m forced to take him in
My friend is loneliness,
And I also notice dark holiness

Loneliness is so silent,
He’s in no rush
He comes as a serpent
Ready to strike!
I never notice him at a distance,
But now I know he’s experience

Even in the multitude of people,
Loneliness is always at my side
It is clear that from him I cannot hide
Loneliness it seems… is my only friend
Yes, his place to me will never end
Loneliness I say you’re my friend.