What makes you so special?
You were just a pup when we first met,
I loved you from the start,
You become my friend, my morning greeter,
Everywhere I go, he is trotting behind,
Wherever my road inclined, four feet said, “I am coming with you.”

Why do I adore you?
You are not just a friend, but a partner,
My defender, you are my life,
Always happy to see me, life transformer,
We love goofing around and having fun playing,
Touching your cold nose, letting you lick my hands,
With your wet tongue.

Why do I care this much?
You such a sweet little guy, four feet,
You didn’t chase the cat today nor bark or jump on me,
You are faithful and true to the last beat of your heart,
Whole body wager, dinner time nagger,
Friend to the end-er!