Don’t worry about people around in this world,
They will always have negative opinions
And try to come between us.
But I know you and you know me
And that is all that matters,
Looking at your eyes for the first time was love at first sight.
Giving me the strength to have trust in love again…

Hardships may come and affect our relationship badly,
It won’t matter because we have love, faith, trust
And honesty and that always makes us prosper.
Eternity is all that I desire in our lives,
Because you are my gift from the heavens…

Difficulties may try to pull me away from your life,
Your love will always give me the strength to fight them.
Because a part of you already lives inside my heart.
I’m yours, you’re mine and whenever you need me
I’ll always be there…

Love has it’s own challenges and difficulties,
But the power of love always wins.
Hearing the sound of your heartbeat makes me realise
How blessed I am to have you…My Forever After