My first love
It was higher than the doves above
My first love
I thought it would be my last
But it was actually just lust.
Damn, how I wanted it to last.

I still remember the smell of your skin
When in my arms, I would hold you within
And look into your eyes.
I was so sure that there would never be goodbyes.
Remember when you told me
That you would never leave me?
I’m now the one grieving for all your deceiving.
I hope you are happy and living.
I must be insane to be still in pain.
I never thought I’d pass this lane,
Where “us” is now you and I, the past.
My first love.

Do you remember our first kiss?
It was so bliss.
I still miss that kiss.
Yes, it is true that love is blind.
Manipulated my mind to think
That you were nothing but kind.

If this is what they call acting,
Baby girl you deserve a Bell’s.
I know that I wasn’t forced into that relationship
Like people inside prison cells.
But then, you should know
About the pain you’ve caused me.
Just like your name, you were “ours”.
Just like a car that has to travel a distance,
You always had extra tyres.
Oh…How I wasted my hours.

Bleeding is my crucial body part,
Drowning my sorrows in this beautiful art.
It’s been ages, but I’m still mourning through pages.
Escaping these stupid cages.
You were my first, I wish you nothing but the best.