Life was always the key
to prove what is right
but we made it
to prove what is wrong.

I believed my first love would be my last
but what you plan
is not always what happens.

I met my first daughter in my imagination
but the image was wrong
because I didn’t have that strong inner belief
to prove it and make it happen.

She was this beautiful woman
young enough for me
but my behaviour was not enough
to feed her as much love as she deserved.

My fear made me lose hope
and prove what I called “right” in my eyes
beside my vision.

She considered me a father
but I didn’t have that fatherhood in me
according to my short vision.

She has me in her life
but I have you and her in mine
I called it losing
because I lost what was my last.

Fear in me will always report my mistakes.
According to what happened on my journey
through a jungle of thorns.

My rescue was to realise the cost,
Paid for at the end of journey.

Age is just a number
according to how you believe in yourself.

Love will always be meaningful
according to how you value it.

Love is not about age.

It’s not about games
It’s about bonds
in bone,
blood in veins,
and bright in light.