I would like to say to all learners
That we are challenged.
We are called upon
To make choices as students,
And we have to work together.
Remember by working together everyone will achieve more.
We’ve got what it takes!
Together we can be the
heroines of our country.

God wants us to take steps,
He has all provisions for us.
Now it’s time to work together,
Can we please challenge ourselves?
Please think of something we can do.

I transformed myself into an invisible
Digital Comrade, my weapon a blue pen shooting off blue words which,
causes havoc, because of this pandemic Covid 19.

This is a year that we shall never forget.
A year this sickness didn’t stop oozing
Oozing from our veins to our nerves.
You are the heroes and heroines of this country.
The more we see you, the prouder we are of you.

I wish you blessings from above.
You dedicated yourselves to your studies.
Do not doubt that you can improve,
For disappointment is a man’s and a lady’s experience.

Remember nothing worth having comes easy!
Everything is going to be OK, even if not today,
Or tomorrow, then eventually.
Follow your own channel, don’t jump.
Are we so ignorant that we can’t see
A bright future ahead of us?

Let us come together for our future
Let us come together and stand for our rights,
It is your responsibility, my responsibility and our responsibility.

United we stand, but divided we fall
I thank you