You are omnipotent
You love infinitely
You don’t look at how I walk
How I talk
Or how I look
You look at what is in my heart

It is not what I have in my bag that attracts you to me
It is not the zeros in my bank account
Nor the Brazilian hair on my head
Only the faith I have in you

Material gain is not what you reward
Gold and silver are not your concern
What you give no man can give
No degree can guarantee
No wealth can buy
You give peace

When the world is falling apart
When mayhem and madness rule
Teardrops and blood drench the soil
You vow safety
Abomination and perfidiousness a quotidian affair
Trickery and treachery a daily bread
Being virtuous and righteous a past
And you Jehovah,
You remain faithful
You are my FATHER