You’re My Everything,
my something
when I’m nothing.
That’s why for you I would do anything.

Kudala bethetha besithi
it will end in tears.
Kwaye andisothuki kuba
with you I no longer have fears.
But many more years
namazwi wabo no longer hurt my ears
but disappears

I love you,
love you with every breath I take.
And I think I’m now prepared to
make that mistake.
To put my life at stake,
by buying you a ring,
maybe a bling.
Make you my queen
and be your rightful king.

Will you please take my hand,
walk with me to the promised land,
be mine till the end of our days?

I promise to be your knight,
to save you from the dark and
show you the light.
To die where you die,
to you I promise my life.
I promise to give you the life of gold,
to be your shield when it’s cold.
You’re the one I wanna hold
from today till the day we get old.

I really love you,
My Everything.