My escape in which its love is unique,
A love that is selfless,
The tough yet soft, beautiful and gentle

The same love that has an ability to see
When you’re not yourself, ability to calm
And soothe you to your best

The convincing love that everything will be just fine
The same love that keeps you on your toes as you know
It’s not afraid to tell you where to get off when you’re wrong

The love that you long for after a long day,
A place of sanity, your peace, your escape from the world

Those long deep breaths you take, the effort you make
To shut down everything for that moment

Within one single click, your tiny world shatters

You somehow knew it was meant to be,
But you did not prepare your heart for it, no one can

The pain you are feeling, heart reaping pain,
As you hear then talk about what you once had

You can’t help but wonder how it would have been
If only it were forever, but forever only exists in films
And you’re not one

Everything seems suffocating, no escape,
Just you in a tiny little room with your emotions flooding in,
You can’t cope, your breath escalates as you try so hard
To bear with yourself just one more day

Trying to get through the pain, trying to make sense of
What occurred as you were one peaceful, joyful person just yesterday
But it all took another turn

They see you as a threat now that
You can’t seem to control your emotions as you’ve always done
You just want your place of peace, your sanity pill
But you’re too selfish to see it’s within you,
It faded from your eyes but formed in your heart

Visit it once again
You’ll find your escape route to your escape place