My dream is not to find myself in a rich place
My dream is to find myself in the heaven
I must work hard to find myself there
How can I work hard?
I must live in faith

I must love each person like I love myself
God will love me
Because if I reach love I reach in the heavens too
I have to found myself there
So that my dream comes out
I will do all my best so that one day I can find myself in the heaven

I do not care about the riches of this earth
I do not care about this colour of our land
What I care about is my dream
God help me, help me
I want to find myself there

Oh! I really what to achieve my dream
What can I do to achieve it?
Is to live in this earth with love and peace
God I will meet You there because I’m coming
I have faith that I will see the heaven with both my eyes