If I die or rather when I die
can it be in your arms!
Witness my last breath,
Brush my hair tenderly
Place your hand on my beating heart.
Look into my eyes,
Move towards me, kiss my forehead.

Before I die, my love give me chemistry!
Hold my hand
Give me new love.
Fire me up with desire!
Before I die.

Allow me to burn with your love
For I am willing to burn one more time.
I want to be taken away by desire
before I enter the world of the dead.
I need to lose control, take me
higher than you ever did.
Sugar me with your love
before I die.

Before I die my love,
Whisper love notes in my ears, sing for me!
Let your warm tears fall on my neck,
Mourn for me!

And when it’s finally time…
Drift away!
Allow my spirit to exit my body.
And when Iam dead …
Return to my corpse
Kiss my lips passionately
And I promise I will rise!