My Dear Bonteheuwel
What has happened to you?
You are so different
To the way I remember you
How come you have changed so much?
How come you have lost your touch?
I remember playing with you
In the streets
Crawling on the green, green grass of Hardepeer Street
Near to park
I remember taking many rides on that park
They span me and others around and around
Until we fell to the ground
That time was so much fun.

My Dear Bonteheuwel,
Is there a future for you?
I remember playing tennis at The Bonteheuwel Tennis Club
Day in and day out
Year in and year out
Until there were no more clouds
I remember walking safely home from Nerina Primary
Past the baths and tennis courts
Down the street
Past the municipality
Crossing the Civic Center
There I bought me a cool drink
Then walked either to my one gran’s house in Hardepeer Street near the games shop
Or straight down the road to Blue Gum street
Right in front of the first bus stop

My Dear Bonteheuwel,
I still love you
All the laughter
All the pain
All the trying times
Happy and sad times
Never having to worry about a dime

My dear Bonteheuwel
Do you still love me?
As I love you
I represented you abroad
That’s how much I loved you
I spoke of you fondly
I still do
When others are so cruel
Whilst others try to ruin you
I acknowledge you
I don’t care what others say
As they don’t know our pain

Dear Bonteheuwel,
When did gangsters start ruling you?
Because I come from a time
Way back with you
I don’t remember them
I don’t remember them being part of you
I don’t remember them ruling you

Dear Bonteheuwel
My father, like others
Fought for you
Protecting you
And our people
From other oppressive rulers
That time was different
Way different to this hazardous, volcanic, disruptive zoo!

Youngsters and youth
I’m talking to you
If you wanna ruin your lives
Then go ahead
But leave my Bonteheuwel
As she doesn’t belong to you
She belongs to all those
Of yesteryear and now
She belongs to the children
The children with dreams
Dreams deep in their hearts

So I urge you to leave the children of God alone
Because once you venture in His zone
There will be no going home
God watches our every move
He has the last say
He will uplift Bonteheuwel
And you my dear
Will see a brighter day again