You have become my reason to breathe.
You have become my source of joy.
You have become a part of me.

You taught me to love unconditionally.
You taught me patience.
You taught me to give the best hug.
You taught me to laugh with tears in my eyes.

I promise to always love you.
I don’t promise to be the best mom,
I only promise to be a good mom
who makes mistakes and lets you learn from them.

I remember when I used to cry when you cried.
You would notice me and stop
and smile with tears in your eyes,
that would brighten my day.

Watching you sleep in my arms
made me complete.
I remember your first steps,
you just stood up and
walked straight to me,
I was over the moon.
I remember your first word was “tata”
it was supposed to be “mama”
but you were different.

I pray you’ll always stay close to me,
that you’ll be my friend, tell me everything.
I promise to always be there for you to guide you,
I know I’ll have to give you tough love sometimes,
but I will be doing it because I love you.

I named you Mbalenhle
because you brought life
and brightness into my life
just like flowers do.