Lord make me grateful
Make me appreciate all the fruits of my hand
Let me be thankful for the visions you have instilled in my heart
Let me understand that the sky is not my limit

I am a rose that is so beautiful
The rose that illuminates our African soil
The rose whose ancestors blessed from the soil
The blood that connects the roots to our identity
I am my identity through my culture

My culture defines me
My culture is not my religion
My culture is me
My culture is my African identity
It identifies me and separates me from all the bondages
It connects me with my ancestral beauty of Africa

Without my culture, I am lost in her beauty
Without my culture, connection is lost, and blessings
Culture is the medicine, science will never understand
Identity document is not my identity
My cultures and African spirituality are my Africanism
Without culture, I am lost in my own land
I have lost my identity
ID2020 is not my identity

A man with no identity is death alive
He is a prisoner of his own freedom
My culture identifies me
It connects me to my ancestors
Ancestors who are my spiritual backers
God hears my prayers
And answers them through my culture
He knows me for who I am
He sees me from within
Nothing is hidden in his eyes
No lie can survive