Oh hear he! Hear he!
Hear me as I cry; save she, save she:
Our women and children, they bleed.
Oh boy, oh boy,
The female gender isn’t some kind of toy,
That you can play with then later destroy
You say you love her, so why bruise her?
Oh man, why turn into an abuser
Child molester, woman user!
I’d kill to have this world free from GBV
When we can finally come together and say:
Our women and children have been set free.
It’s time to take a stand, time to make a plea
Let our voices be heard and these perpetrators stopped.
Once and for all …
Do not feel obliged to anybody’s soul
It’s not up to you to decide whether people can stay or go
Take care of her protect her
Women are the bearers of nations
Birth givers of our future leaders, future physicians
I repeat,
Oh man stop what you’re doing
We can stop this, oh boy, if you realise what you’re ruining.