She makes you subservient,
you can’t even call and
say good morning or goodnight.
She is the last thing you hold
Tight at night .

She is the first thing you hold
Close under your armpit every morning.
She is in yours palm all day.
I hate this competition,or should
I get a petition to summon your attention.

Maybe if I share it with family
You will come back to your senses
And we be family again.
I long for your touch, I miss you everyday .
I can’t hear you laugh anymore.

All you is dance to a self composed song in your head.
You hardly eat my meals
You always gallivanting on your wheels.

I live in her shadow, my heart is sinking six feet shallow,
Shallow I sink in the pit every time
I see the way you walk and take pride in her spell.
I despise the way you sit and stare at her.
I doubt I ll ever win this competition.

We both from different worlds,
We serve a different purpose in your life.
You admire all her different personalities .
She comes in multiple shapes and sizes.
She travels borders and sails in all oceans and seas.

She is Brandy
She is Gin
She is Rum
She is Cognac
She is Whisky
She is Umqombothi
She is beer

She has many names but her real name is Alcohol
My competition is a liquid you pee after a few hours of intake.
She leaves you alone to deal with all the mistakes and embarrassment you make.
I hope someday you ll neglect and desert her like you do to me