I am your hope
I am everything to you
I know that you are my hope too
If I look you my eyes just shut
I know you won’t understand this
My eyes turn off with full of tears

Tears of sorrow.
My child you thought
I wouldn’t be with you forever
I thought I would spoil you as
other parents do with their
children but I lose hope
My child I lost hope
I thought I would be
a good mother. A mother
who will hold you when no
one is around you

I thought I would be a mother
who would always be available to help
But I lost hope
I know this is hard for you
to watch me suffer from these pains.
Every day I know it’s painful
to see your mom scream.
Not just screaming but crying
with a loud voice.

My pains is increasing daily
I thought I would be your adviser,
your protector but I lost hope.
I was thought I will teach you the skill to grow up
But I lose hope
This cancer makes my body shake.

Not just shake, it’s like there’s someone who
plugged on the switch to make my body shock.
When I scream it’s because
I feel like a wire of electricity is
electrocuting my body.

The truth is that my pains are from cancer.
I lost hope to hold you, t be your best friend
I love you my child. This cancer pain is giving
me pains deep down in my soul.
Make God your best friend!
He will protect you, trust me.