Like the rope around my neck
It’s the knife behind my back
As I lie after being stabbed by the one and only love I had
How could it happen out of such love I felt heaven, I know not

With every tear coming out my eyes
As every piece of my heart falls apart
And joyful memories are all destroyed
These are counts of my regrets and sorrows
That will live in me as long as I live

In my mind I thought of you always
With my heart it belonged to you
My body you used before my eyes
Spreading me love having me blinded

But your behaviour unfolded me
Watched you carry the shadow of her before me
How will I ever let go when your soul lived in me
I fear that I might forever be in need of you

Yet I stand before you as the weakness in me
Wishing you everlasting love and happiness
And as for me, I will always love you
Now what’s left for me
Is to pick up the pieces of my broken heart