I thought I was strong
But I’m the weakest person ever known
When it comes to you!

I thought you were mine against all odds,
But today I’ve seen how useless I am.
I won’t say I wasted my time
Because I wouldn’t mind wasting all my life
For and with you!

Every time I say I’m done loving,
I always find myself trying again,
My heart is broken.

I had so many girls crushing on me
And so tempting,
But I still chose you
And I don’t regret choosing you.

I always find a way to accept
That you are no longer mine,
But every time I see you smiling
I blush and say my pride.

It’s not that I am trying
To control or dictate to you,
But I am so jealous of you:
It is because of the love I have for you.

I am not leaving you because I can’t leave you,
But I am giving you all the space you want.

I had no idea what they meant
When they said: “Love is blind”
But today I understand with a broken heart,
Well, it’s not only blind but it’s also deaf!

Enjoy your space in peace,
Maybe you’ll come back
When you’re ready to love me for who I am,
Go on, experience whatever you want to experience,
But don’t be brought by pain to me.

Because I might find someone
I thought would never exist,
All in all, I love you and always will do

I love you my love!
I wish you nothing but the best.
Today I swallow my pride and ego!
You’ve been good to me
And I enjoyed your warming presence in my life.

I never thought I’d be so brave
As to write this,
But I’m glad I did,
Maybe it’s a sign of maturity
Or maybe it was meant be,
That’s why I was so scared to cough it out,
Hope you don’t forget me, as I won’t.
Take care, my love,
As you start your new path with your desire!