For how long am I still gonna see my blood in these beautiful streets of South Africa?
For how long I am gonna say I’m an activists whilst there’s still such violence?
For how long am I gonna pray for peace in this country?
Are we really cursed? Just because we’re black skinned?
But if I keep quite, who will protect my mom, my kid, my sister?
Who will protect my community?
Where is justice in this country?
What must we do with this violence and spilling of blood?

Dear beloved country, are you proud of us as much we are?
Dear God, so you forgive us as we ask?
I’m not gonna talk about the defence system
Because it does not exist
But I am going to talk about men, are we proud animals?
Is it pleasure to be called trash?
Are we men by abusing or killing?
What are we, really? Including myself.
I’m not an abuser, but if I exclude myself I’ll be discriminating.
We should be protecting our mothers and all women out there, from animals, not human. What kind of species are we!
No man, hold up, let me just vomit these disgusting actions.