We walked from the bus stop to homes, hand in hand
Blue rays washed our destinations
And so the feet hosted us into the park
Where we shared our memories, darkest secrets that nobody knows
We opened up to each as if we were friends from diaper age.

The weak sun was gradually devoured by the sky accompanied darkness
Unfortunately, our clocks were broken
Time was no longer an issue, we couldn’t care less.
We continued having mindless chatter as the day became darker and darker
I couldn’t move away from you, I guessed it was the same to you.
Whatever magnet that attracted us was very strong. I never felt so into someone.

Time arrived for us to part in order to see each other the following day
I hesitated a bit, but I knew we had to.
My heart crumbled
My soul broke
My abdomen kept all the words
Whenever I tried to speak, I spluttered.

You took steps towards to me
We were so close that our breaths were mingling
You smiled and my heart jumped
Not because it was the first time someone smiled at my direction
But ‘cause your smile was genuine
Oh, I captured that smile with my imaginative camera.

You took your hands into mine
I am certain sparks flew around us
Long I stood blushing, looking at our tangling hands
That I never wished were to untangle

You said your goodbye and turned on your heels to walk away
I never meant to stop you but my hand did
You gave me a ”what now?” look
I gave you a mere “I already miss you”
And you gave me a bonus, you pecked my lips
And said, “I hope this will last until we see each other the following day.”

I slept like a baby born that night.