I have a friend, I share anything
And everything with him.
Good or bad. When I am
With him I can be myself,

I do things that would shock
People who know me
To the core – that is how
Comfortable I am with him.

We do things that other people
Consider to be only done by couples.
We share food, play together and
On those odd when
One has stayed until late, we share
A bed and he doesn’t
Mind if I hog the blankets.

We text each other back and
Forth, we know about each
Other’s health problems,
Each other’s partners and we
Respect their space. In fact
When they cannot find us on
Our individual phones, they
Call the other. They found it
Strange at first but I guess
They got accustomed to it.

We’re practically twins. My
Parents know him; my dad has
Seen how crazy we act and finds
Nothing wrong about it.
His mom sometimes complains
That I take away her bonding
Time with him.

He makes me giggly happy.
People often ask if
We are an item and we laugh
All the time- like no, we’re best
Friends. It isn’t at all complicated.

Our friendship is purely
Platonic, the only thing intimate
Are our fears, dreams and
Future plans.
I don’t have any
Siblings of my own and I think
God sent him for me instead.
My best friends name is Manare.