I salute you South Africa
I bow my head to show kindness
I bend my knees to say thobela
I take off my hat to you
You’re the country of peace

You created opportunities
You taught us love and respect
You put rainbow nation together
You combined different cultures
And chase away discrimination

You are the mother land
The big cow who breast feed us
With your breast we fill out stomachs
You quench the thirst we had have
With love and care of cause

South Africa my country
You are brave to fight deseases
You are brave to stop wars
Many countries depends on you
Cause you are a peacemaker

Thank you my country of peace
Thank you South Africa
You don’t have Gazza street
You don’t have pool of blood
You only have stage of laughter

I salute my country
I take out my hand in my pocket
And raise it up my country
Only to say hello my beautiful country
Halala my peaceful country.