My aspirations deserve an accolade,
an accolade that will wipe away my tears and sweat,
My aspirations deserve glory,
glory from the hearts of kings an queens,
because they were once sacrificed.

Yes, they were sacrificed
with sleepless nights and hard words.
With an empty stomach, beating drums
and a thirsty throat.

Truly, my aspirations deserve an accolade.
The journey to succeed was not easy.
There were challenges that were hard to bear.

Wiping away sweat to continue with the journey,
I had no power but still like the sun I rose.
I tried looking around and searching
to see the better road,
a road that was sweet like sugar,
enjoyable like money.

Only to see this rough, long, hot road.
On this road I walked,
on this road I cried,
on this road I fought.
Oh yes, I fought for the better and the best success.
It was not easy but I defeated it.
I defeated it after a long, painful road.
And all thanks to my struggles which made me strong.