As I climb higher
As I run faster
As I sing louder
As I grow older
As I dream big
As I rise
As I conquer

As I admire the beauty of Africa
The Tana and Bio rivers of Ghana
The mount Nyangani of Zim
The lake St Lucia
Table Mountain, Kilimanjaro
The Drakensburg Mountain
Thaba Phatsoa, Kalahari desert
The Ndebele tribe and their colourful and eye-catching culture
The Basotho codes, seanamarena, seshoeshoe

The San people, the hunters
How will I forget our heroes
King Moshoeshoe, Mzilikazi
Nelson Mandela, father of the nation
I bow my head in respect for these heroes
Walter Sisulu
Chris Hani
Helen Suisman
Charlotte Maqeke
I celebrate my Africa, my culture, my pride