My Africa, my roots
Africa, mother of creations
The land of harmony and peace
The home of kings and queens

Aforika borwa ya Rona
Wena moPhutaditjaba
Tsohle tse dintle re dibonela go wena

My Africa, my blood
My Africa, my life

“I am a child of nature,
the fruitful fruit in the world.
I attract Westerners with golden soil!
My roots are too deep to be cut.”
That’s my Africa, the forever-flowing stream
Tangling toes between the Nile river
and the celestials of truth.

My Africa
Mother to wildlife and colourful nature,
here the wealthiest evolute on the savannah.
My Africa knows no hate, but love at eight
a time to jubilate.

Continent of our forefathers bestowed
Motherland to evolution and nature’s unfolding
My Africa, my pride and joy!
The home of beautiful, enchanting resources,
the land where civilization was born!

My Africa, the home of legends.
That’s my Africa for you!