Each day comes with its own abnormalities
Great responsibilities
Fears rhyme with tears in this world of possibilities
The desire for a learn-full life attitude
Lost without a trace, what’s wrong with this race?
Each day comes with hardships
Sailors without a captain
Challenges, steps of legendary
Party animals, youngsters of this century
Some misunderstood, misused terms such as democracy
Polite or secretive
Prejudice, don’t judge

Each day teary eyes and faces that look amazed
She was kind, didn’t have to take her own life
Life, a fading stage
We shall call a spade a spade
Each day cartoons come to life
Superman and Ben Tensions
Is it the tension?
Men turn into mean vipers
Women seem keen to taste ciders
To ethics we should hold on tight

My fellow countrymen, where’s our might?
When shall we see the light?
Each day comes, when will we stop turning a blind eye to this sight?
Above all each day comes as each day
Unique and special in its own way
Mutual gift, actual fact
Take a lift and make an act
For when it ends, no one can tell.