You were never mine from the onset
While I had sleepless nights planning our future
You were wondering who is your second option
While I slaved myself for a brighter tomorrow

You were sneaking away from me
My love to you was cheap
It tasted like Jamaican rum
I became a punchline joke to you

You were mocking me day and night
I persevered in this nameless relationship
Hoping you will change your attitude

You let different people have different parts of you
But I gave up willingly cause there was nothing more I could offer you
No one left to cover the hand and foot prints left in my soul
I gave you my patience and time

I was taught to be silent
To become mute in an argument
To be quiet while deep in my heart I was dying
You broke me and I can never be repaired again

Now I am a lonely wonderer
Scared to offer people anything except my body for them to remain with me
I was fighting a war with an enemy inside my camp
I lost my morals and dignity because you took everything from me
You gave it to my foes on a silver platter