Two thugs carrying a knife,
some morning, twas a sad foggy day around five,
there I saw a young man walking to the tip of a knife,
all happy I saw him I could tell from far
that he was happy for being alive,
little did he know that troubled souls
hid in corners near using violence to survive,
from far I watched a young kid about to cry for his life.

A quiet neighbourhood suddenly made noise,
two goons all scary as hell whistling for pretence.
As he approximated, it looked suspicious and a voice
came to him in his head, “Oh I’m in trouble,” but nonsense
he said, he carried on walking to the devil’s den,
hardly lifting feet and shaky were his hands and then:

“Hey, hey, hey” the goons hollered and
With scary knives on their hands,
“OMG” he said fearing for his life and they pickpocketed him
all accessories collected and a wallet he was carrying went slim,
to their pockets and I was watching and
thinking of ways to not just stand,
and watch.

All afraid I stood, asking myself “What if I get stabbed?”
what if the goons beat me to death, oh I felt trapped.
‘Cause if I don’t help, these goons will find another victim to victimise
all there standing to make a choice quickly so I had to improvise.

Suddenly my fear faded and with great courage I stepped out,
and shouted to them, “Step away from him” and they paid
all their attention to me and I walked closer and said,
“Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves” and I closed my mouth,
and held my tongue ‘cause I realised that I was in deep trouble,
and suddenly someone near in some house came out,
they looked quizzically at each other and I knew was out of trouble.

And they ran away, on the their way they dropped the wallet,
and the young man came to me and thanked me ‘cause his wallet,
carried his life as he claims but I’m so glad that I was able,
to give a helping hand and it worked just fine all and stable.

For the thugs I know they learned nothing but for me,
I learned to stand up for myself, and that’s how it should be,
‘cause the world is so fast and lost and without a cost we should give
a helping hand to a brother or a sister, for great blessings shall ye receive.