I want my daughter to have everything I never had.
I’m only a vendor.
But my best shot is what I’ll give it
Even if it takes tears, sweat and blood.
It’s a step I’m very much willing to take,
A sacrifice I’m very much willing to make.
So I hit the streets tryna push this little business of mine.
Customers coming through, but not really buying anything.
Always demanding a discount.
“Sir, this hood is going at k50”
“Huhh…I only have k30”
What that does to me they have no idea.

Sometimes I fall prey ‘cause making low sales is my worst fear.
“Your husband should get a better job,” my wife is always told.
I’m glad she never listens to them
‘Cause she and I have been through a lot.
The only woman I impressed with only my heart.
Those that came before her I couldn’t impress
I didn’t have enough resources to do that.

Honey, I know it’s not the best job,
But at least it pays the bills and beats claiming unemployment.
Money, I don’t have much, but on this mission
I’m with a vision best believe.
I’ll say it again…I’ll never leave.
Let’s start robbing these banks is the idea that seeds
Whenever I’m hanging with my friends.
There’s a chance I can lose it all or win it big.
Knowing my daughter and her mother’s eyes are watching,
I realise that I’m out of their league.
I don’t want to mess this up.
Just want to play by the rules in this game called life.
Mr. Vendor is my name, only tryna take care of my daughter and my wife.