Always had a paw-paw.
He loved his owl,
That always watched in awe.
He owed no one
and owned many paw paw trees
which made him earn a lot.

He had long nails like claws.
He was sweet and gave us sweets.
I liked his pond; it was full of tadpoles.
Mr Paul Paw was as tall as a pole.

He was as wise as wise as a wizard.
Mr Paul Paw was old though I knew not of his age.
But I know he loved his hedge.
Though his house didn’t have
Much room, his garden always had mushrooms.
Mr Paul Paw enjoyed his tea with marshmallows.

“Mr Paul Paw here”, “Mr Paul Paw there”
“Mr Paul Paw this”, “Mr Paul Paw that”.
Mr Paul Paw’s late, Mr Paul Paw ‘s gone
Mr Paul Paw is no more.