Every time I see you,
I get frightened
When I see your face,
It’s like I’m seeing a tough bull,
My heart beats like a ringing bell
My mind becomes the siren of a police vehicle
My mind becomes unconscious
I start to feel crazy…
Thinking that I’d lose my mind.

My life is a mess because of you
I’ve no friends to talk to
It’s like I’m living in a void
I’m afraid of you, Mr Bully

What makes me cry is the fact that,
My money is your money
My food is your food
Everything that belongs to me,
Belongs to you too

You’ve tarnished my life
You’re an obstacle to my happiness
I want to be happy,
As a child who needs to

I’m powerless!
I can’t fight you
When I cry,
You laugh,
When I’m happy,
You’re sad.
Leaving me in too much depression
Lead me to have ridiculous thoughts
Thoughts that I think would set me free

I wish to go to a world without bullies
Where I’d enjoy a happy life
Without any distractions

My dream is to set myself free
To not feel any pain
To have happy life forever
But I don’t want to do that
I have sympathy for my loved ones
Though you can’t!
Set me free, Mr Bully

Allow me to be a happy kid
Every day I cry,
Feeling my tears running down my cheeks
Feeling that pain deep inside

You’ve turned my heart to riot
You’ve turned my life to hell.
When you choke me
With those bold hands like an elephant’s foot,
I pee to myself,
Knowing that I can’t defend myself.

When you kick me,
Kicking my bum as if you’re kicking a soccer ball
I feel like dying.

Allow me to be happy, Mr Bully
Just for once,
You’ve hurt me enough now
I bow on you
You’re my king
You’re my god

All I want from you
Is to set me free