Why do you feel the need to brag to me?
Is this what friendship means to you?
Does your joy come from having more than me?
You want a brighter future
I want a better past
I want something to reminisce about
You just want something to boast about
Mpintshi yami lalela

Money and fame are just a passing phase
When we die, we’ll all live in the same place
You’re in a world of your own
Yet we breathe the same air
You’re on your high horse
You catch your breath in mid-air
See I’m from a small village
All I know is how to share

Where I grew up we had livestock
Yet no one spoke of the stock market
No one spoke of the stock exchange
In my village the ecosystem is still balanced
The land feeds the people
The people feed the land
Congratulations to you mpintshi yami

You’ve built yourself a fortress
Yet you live in fear of people
You come from a firm foundation
Don’t let the fear dictate you
I know this might sound crazy
See our love is hatred
Our norms and values are constantly changing
Our batteries need re-recharging
Our minds are going retarded
Our spark has been consumed by darkness

The more things change
The more things remain the same
I remain the same within the changes
I still think of those city lights on cold nights
Ours was not just a friendship
Ours was a brotherhood and a partnership
The fellowship got segregated by thoughts of