Keep going… Keep going…
And never look back…
I have never looked back
You never looked back

All the pain has never gone forward with us
But we kept going
Kept going
And never look back

Memories started to fall through our happy lives
We never tried to look back,
We never thought of looking back
We kept going forward
And never looked back

We knew that the pain will haunt us,
If we kept looking back,
You are that far to hate a memory
That would last forever before we meet again
We will look back before we meet again

I love you, my angel
You mean a thing to my heart,
A thing that no one would think of,
A thing that comes between us
before we meet again.

That memory is no longer there
To see your smile, my angel,
That memory makes you cry is no longer
Your future husband,
That memory
That memory
That memory
Will last forever…