We spent about half an hour
at the grave yard.
Your corpse laid inside a creamy casket, waiting
to be tucked into the dusty ground mattress that awaits us all.

The pastor preached, we simultaneously prayed and cried
As we vowed our goodbye to a soul that was once awarded to us.
We lowered your casket and watched it ooze majestically in
With ease to where it belongs.
Mama’s tears had run dry at the time.
Our rainy rainbow days were instantly shuttered by death
It felt awkwardly hard to let go…

The choir sang a consoling chorus and our bitter hearts felt better.
We sealed your grave with a stoney tombstone.
Our dimples glittered with grief while yours disappeared into dust.
My heart felt faint.

Bab’ omkhulu spoke on the family’s behalf.
He expressed his gratitude thanks and token of appreciation
To everyone who was present and
offered your house a shoulder to cry on.
He cleared the lump in his throat with a cough
Smiled out of sympathy and said
“Indlela indlula ngasekhaya”.