At time you think and at time you are. You say it is the last month of
the year. You do not say it is good if you have lived long enough to be
experiencing this period. It is not a big deal, this month is as
important as any other month of the year, therefore do not feel sad if
you have not achieved any of the goals you set out to reach. Do not be
disconcerted by some motivational speaker who would want you to look
down on yourself because you were unable to achieve anything
physical. Do not beat yourself up for not being able to get that
promotion. Do not lose sleep over the fact that you could not better
yourself by getting that flashy car you thought you
were going to be driving. Do not relegate yourself to the level of
monumental failures just because you were unable to build your mother
that house you promised her. Do not despair because your business did
not take off like you imagined. Do not allow those who are vocal about
their success to dampen your desire to want to achieve. Yes, maybe all
of your plans failed this year but that does not mean they are
impossible in the new year. No speaker should convince you that if you
have had no real progress you should give up, and that this
means you have wasted the whole twelve months because that would not
be true. And again, get it from me, some of those speakers (Motivational
Speakers) are not as successful as they would want you to believe.