It took a second to kick in her stomach
A minute to circulate in her womb
An hour for her to scream for me
A day for her to hold me in her warm hands
A week for her to care and provide for me
It took nine months to grow and prepare her love for me
One year to show her love for me
She endured pains and felt colds just for me,
As I was an infant with no knowledge
She welcomed me every time
With a smile full of courage
Her thoughts and ways of doing things
Made me who I am today
Thank you, mama, for your wise words
Mother’s love is a bond that creates love,
Because every child is bound with it
For I have been through hardships

But you were always there for me
From long distances I remembered your teachings
In life I have learned between both parents
Through this mic, I have planned to tell you
How it feels to be loved by you
The smile on your face is what keeps me going
Like fuel in the tank
Ndiyabulela mama ngothando lwakho….mother’s love