You are the one who wishes me goodnight
for my dreams to be the sweetest
You are the one who kisses me good morning
to brighten up my day
You are the one who prepares me breakfast
to face my day fuelled up
You are the one gives me the warmest hug
even on the coldest days
Your voice is the only voice that makes me smile
even on my worst days
Your hands are the only hands that gives me the best baths
even on my dirtiest days
Your love is the most priceless love
Your energy is the most energetic
even on the laziest of the days
Your guidance is the best,
I always wondered if you had walked the path first.

Every time when I look back only to find
that all the things you did, were from the heart,
the love and care you had for me
and all the things you’ve done,
it seemed as you if knew your last day.
Today feels just like yesterday,
like you will nourish me with your love and care,
but then tears fill my face,
now all that belongs to the times of the dinosaurs,
you’ve bitten the dust,
but your love I will cherish forever.