A girl made with soil, but with the value of gold,
Her smile and her laughter, the only treasures to hold.
Her heart of purity unfolded the stories of infinity
Projected from her looks, it showed her amenity.

A girl worth a man’s death,
With her love being so hard for a woman to birth,
Her name, my heart.

Suddenly he loomed, one from coals and a heart of cold,
With tenderness missing and a soul being sold.
One who knew only wrath and tasted no serenity,
Built with agony and brains of insanity.

A man left with no breath
Since his whole life he had never seen mirth.
His heart, my pain,
Eyes were laid and the two hearts entwined.

Love made its way and the connection entranced.
The two saw love and sharing it became their will
With fear fading and affection felt.
Their love, my hope.