Great gestures of the sun to the
Rejected cornerstones time is a
Titan that never breaks down even
Within man’s excessive arrogance
To the devil, it serves humble
Pies to weaken his floating ego
For he tricks the world to death
But he dies to stay forever young

Unspoken riddles from unwritten
Psalms are within cells where god
Is held a prisoner. The mortal man’s
Wisdoms had the spirit of ubuntu
Cradled to the grave in the absence
of this angel, it is streams of
Blood rivers quenching his greed’s
Thirst and his invocations of
Divinity bounce back when they hit
The ozone for, it’s purity rotten
Within their carriages.

Blades of honesty pierce the
Essence of his deeds for they excavate
Skeletons he buried to never be found.
Him and his fellowmen’s index fingers
Like arrows, aiming to what’s not there
After they are done architecting humanity’s
Sorrows in his banal wisdoms, he gangs
Up against accuracy accusing it of
Negativity but it’s within his ignorance
Where this negativity is begotten mortal
Man father of sin dodging responsibility
Blaming the unknown
From his greed, his natures are born
Recklessly leaving the world torn