In the morning, I hear the birds chirping
A soothing song of a wake call, for yet another day.
Sun rise, a semblance of yet another cycle
Of never-ending existence.
Never knowing the temperamental insanity of life
It serves as a brunt we all try to endure
we beg for its mercy, though it’s so fickle
time and time again, it shows us
the choices that we make lay a foundation
for what’s to come next.
All the blessings we neglected
Won’t ever come back as they were,
But they will haunt us, like a poltergeist of regrets.
But in the morning
By all means, we try our best
We are tenacious creatures, that is a fact
Whether it’s for good or bad, it doesn’t matter
We all wake up and hope for the best.
We try to avoid the inevitable
And that’s what makes us human.