All my life, I have heard people tell me about monsters;
beasts whose greed surpasses that of human nature.
Men whose aim is to destroy others,
gain from the demise of their brothers;
they care not, for they hold no emotions,
bitter hearts are all they have:
some say they have no heart at all,
they are creatures without souls,
they’re simply empty shells of flesh and bone.

Their mouths are filled with curses,
eyes filled with hatred
and blood flows down their dresses.
They clothe themselves in fine linen stained with hypocrisy,
they pretend to be righteous
but behind closed doors they are terrible creatures,
every night they shed off their skin to expose their monstrosity;
they go out persecuting people,
taking away everything that you bleed for.

You hustle night and day
but the only thing you get are sweat and tears.
Monsters reap what you sow for you!
All you get are empty fields, and that just won’t do,
now you know why the only thing we do is remain poor
and they come to us and tell us we only need to endure.