It had to be original papers
Or had to be glittering coins
Like a shining star used to make a wish but was different because its wishes took less than a second to come through.

Money made the world move
Money created communication
Communication to communities
Friendships to countries and united the world.
It brought out talents
Talents to sing, play and build
Knowing the benefits would be money.

It was honoured and valuable
Nobody threw it away with purpose
It was put in safe places
It settled in places with class
It settled in dusty places too but knew it was loved and valuable

Same money brought crime
Piece of papers and shiny coins bought hatred
Our sisters and brothers grew jealousy under those two.
It had mighty among the world
Prodigality took place and left mothers and father’s crying.
All under money

It stole love and left hatred
Took a smile and placed a frown
Demanded peace and left conflict
Lied to our human nature hiding that it could be the survival of existence

Made false promises
Promises that were never kept
Money money
The Deceiver