I never really thought that I’d miss you so much
You allowed me to have friends
Gave me my space and allowed me to be free
Whatever I needed you tried your best to make sure I got
You are my life
I need you to take care of me
I need your guidance and I need you to believe in me
I need you to teach me of all of life’s challenges
For you to advise me on what to do
I need you to be my strength and for you to never leave me
I need you to be part of my life
I need your support because you’ve been down this road
Dearest Mother I need you to stay with me and see me become a success
Mama I need to be with you, today and always
Please never leave me because now
I value the role you play in my life
It took me a while but what would I be without you?
Thank you Ma for everything
I appreciate your love