I was just an infant when you abandoned me
I was so pure and innocent
For I did not know the taste of good and bad
I had no knowledge of evil
And did not understand what was going on
But still you chose to leave me, mommy, why?

What wrong did I do to deserve such treatment from you?
Are we not related?
Doesn’t our DNA match?
Are you disgraced to have me as your child?
If really you left by mistake then why didn’t you come back?

Are you happy with your decision?
Don’t you have a guilty conscience?
Is your heart that evil?
How do you live knowing you left a child behind?
I mean, I was not even a month old when you left

Truly speaking, I did not deserve all that you did to me
How I wish I had grown with you by my side as my mommy
How I imagined to be loved by my mommy
What you did hurt me and a lot, not just that, you broke me

Anger is what I brew inside my heart
Hate is already in my veins
You ruined me but at the same I thank you
For I am strong and taught myself a lot of things
And I know how to survive alone in this cold world

Thank you for leaving me behind
As it shows you didn’t want me
Thank you for not loving me
Thank you a million times
But one day you will meet me and all I’ll ask is
“Mommy, why?” I’ll want answers

Mommy, why?