The garden of my love is prickling with loneliness
Creeping behind shadows of my once spirited soul
My heart clamours
It is awakened for the first time and weeps for you.

Your heart is now a red flower that I water every day with drops of tears
My eyes recall how beautiful you were before them,
How you gleamed like the shooting stars and the morning sun
The red fiery ball of light in the west
And the fireflies and the Midnight’s rain
You were beautiful.

You were a medallion,
Your eyes fiery like two balls of light
Your smiles as bright as a rainbow
You were beautiful, not compared
But your expectations were too deep

I jumped amidst the deep oceans
To pluck them, but I drowned in the process
You didn’t care.

I searched across paths of the dead
And overstepped my morals for you
I wanted to see you smile once more

I fell onto the wrong path
However, I was hopeful and undismayed

I dug my claws into the setting sun
And watched the beautiful day
Change into something mysterious
And dangerous, so I related to you
That something so beautiful
Could crush my soul
And ruthlessly put a dagger in my heart
With your expectations insincere
The rain washed it all away.