or mo
as she wanted
to play
in our little game
of scrabble

she must have
that notorious
2-word list
scrabblers use
taking the fun
out of it

you might have seen
certain words such as
qi oo zo za os ou
gu ky ee ef mu
wo xi and zori

serious scrabblers
swear by it
these seeming
car number plates even

(imagine those words
deployed at school
where literacy levels
are not to be sneezed at)

mo she giggles
as it gets googled
much to my dismay
or shall I say consternation
trepidation disquiet even dread

(further strange words
pour out from her
which I reckon are
a outcome of the dumbing-down
of education and its standards

a mo in time
Saturday morning goes
as a librarian and I scrabble
in the Children’s Section
of the local library