This was a question a little boy asked himself
Every time his friends laughed at his torn pair of shoe
Everyday growing up.

Mom why did you leave me?
This is what he asked everyday
he was forced to do loads of dishes
in front of his two game-playing and laughing step brothers
Mom, why do you hate me?

That’s exactly what this little boy had to ask
every day after a trusted neighbour molested him
But Mom, do you know how much I love you?
That is what this boy says
every day of his cake-less birthday
Mom, know that I hate him
That’s the last thing he said
before waking up from a comma for seven full months

Mom I am starting to hate you now
That is what he said so hard
when he fell on his knees and lifted his head up high
to the place where everyone said God was.

It was lonely
It was hard
It was painful
It was heart wrecking
But it was worth it.

So today I say thank you coz da boy has grown
Thank you that he managed to pull through.
Thank you that he won the battle
and thank you coz that boy was once alone
But he now has a friend, ME
Thank you lord that boy was me