It was he
He who you had trusted was a wolf in sheep’s skin
He who was supposed to be a janitor that you needed
What kind of janitor had he been
He that should’ve had you protected
He was the one you feared

He was supposed to put you under his wing
He promised to have your and momma’s backs
And he told Dad when he passed
Love and protect, that simple
He did the opposite, what a prick
Turned around that quick
He had you cornered
He always had you bothered

He made you feel dirty and deceived
Helpless, isolated and unloved
He smooth-talked his way in everything, and got away with it
There was no point in whispering to any ear
No one near to even notice or hear
He came around when everyone went to sleep

His boner was your bondage
The monster under your bed
Bedtime stories of Hell
You were too young to even make your own bed
Too young to distinguish between right or wrong

“Hush, don’t make a sound”
This will be over in a minute
Give it up, don’t you dare resist
I’ll beat you up, if you dare call out
Put your head down and receive
Uncle’s train is coming up the tunnel
I know it hurts a bit but you’ll get used to it
Now close your eyes and go to sleep
Tomorrow you’ll have some sweets

You can have anything you want but keep a secret
If you ever tell that will be the end for me
Death to your loved ones, penitentiary for me
Surely you don’t wanna live a life of guilt
So when you’re out in the world put on a nice grin
We don’t want anybody asking questions about this deed
Bring about the attention we don’t need

I know you’re confused by all this
None of this seems to make any sense
Momma isn’t saying a damn thing
Except that, “Uncle Sam loves you, kiddo”
As you grow older, it will get clearer
You will understand all this
That you and uncle Sam weren’t just playing a “little game”
You and uncle Sam weren’t playing train-and-tunnel
That isn’t how it was supposed to be

All that has painted a different you
All that has given you a new identity
You were molested, kid.