Who are you?
The ground that laid the first seed for my existence
You wrote the first paragraph to the story of a flower child born from the depths of despair
You are the place where an entity disguised as a goddess manifested and moulded it into a true gem
What are you?
A piece of land on a verge of an apocalypse but manages to birth great minds
A place built to tear down a civilization yet produces tribes of melanin kings and queens
An example that greatness is indeed born from an even greater struggle

Why do you matter?
You saved a wandering soul gallivanting the earth with no purpose
You provided tools for this lost soul to find its purpose
You turned tragedy into a work of heart

How do I praise you?
My mind is not savvy enough to comprehend you
My pencil isn’t sharp enough
It is only with words that I can paint your portrait and present it to the world